TML Capital

TML Capital

Angel Investment in SMEs

Investment in Ambitious Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
in the East Midlands, UK

TML Capital invests in young, but established and ambitious, companies in Derby or elsewhere in the East Midlands, with the potential to grow rapidly.

The amount of cash to be put into the business will be agreed between the business owners and TML Capital after a Business Plan has been agreed for taking the company forward.

The philosophy of TML Capital is to provide capital to the entrepreneurs and managers who run the business in return for shares in the company. This will enable the company to move forward without being beholding to a bank or other financial institution, thus avoiding payment of interest, and the risk of the bank requiring their loan to be repaid at short notice. Banks requiring their loan to be repaid is probably the most common cause of SME business failures. The money saved in interest and fees can go back into growing the business.

Following investment in the business, TML Capital will give support to help the company's management team to achieve growth, thus creating more value for all shareholders, and will look to hold an interest in the company typically for between two and five years. However, the principal consideration is to seek an exit when it is right for both the business and its shareholders.

If you are a business owner that fits the above criteria and are looking for a reliable partner to invest in your company and work with you to develop your business's full potential, please email with your contact details.

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